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Thirty Five years ago our family matriarch Sigrid, served her first funnel cake which was a hit and Sigrid's Funnel Cakes a was born. A Staple at the BentonFranklin County Fair in Pasco, WA, Walla Walla Fair, Washington State Fair, California State Fair and countless other events, the business continued to grow and included several leased concession trucks, open air booths and new menu items ranging from Cotton Candy - Burgers. Other family members entered the arena and the result was Triple Delicious, a frozen confection booth. Michael, Leslie and their boys had another hit and a main stay at fairs, markets and other event venues. Now we are sharing our sweet frozen confections in the greater Portland and Vancouver area's.  Serving hand dipped ice cream bars, sundae's, Rootbeer Floates, Muggly Sticks, CheeseCake on a stick and, introducing our new hand made Teresi Cones filled with your favorite Ice Cream and toppings. We hope our 120 year old family cookie and cone recipe will delight the masses, as they have delighted our family for years

How Creative can You Be

Choose any one of our Decadent Frozen Treats and Treat Your Palate to a one of your own creations!

Pick a Glaze, then roll it in any of our traditional or Wacky toppings

Want a fun great Event, Party, Social Gathering, Birthday, Sanity Days at Work?

Call Us and set up a S-Cream Party!    We will come to you with a variety of options!    From Cotton Candy to Extreme Floats to Ice Cream flights and  you can always choose our traditional Rock Your Palate, Pallete!